Explore – Are you on the path of sanctification?

You smell that? Where is that coming from? Wait, actually I think that is coming from the other side of the screen there. I think that is coming from you. Man you stink. Wow, I mean you, wait actually I stink too. You stink, I stink, heck we all stink. Because all of us have this thing called sin. Sin just flat out stinks. And the only thing that can erase that stink is the power of Jesus who forgives us and justifies us to make us right in the image of God. So once you get forgiven by Jesus, once you are justified, what happens next? What happens next, the moment that you were justified, is the moment you were put on the path to be sanctified. What the heck does Sanctification mean?

Sanctification is the ongoing journey of being set apart, to be made holy, to look more and more like Jesus. What can we expect on the path of Sanctification? What does that look like for all of us? Now here’s a few things we can expect along the journey, along the path of sanctification. The first thing is that we’re, good news is there’s a PATTERN he’s given us a model. He’s given us a tool. He’s given himself, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, prayer, church and the people to help us stay on track. To give us a pattern he’s not like “Hey good luck be blind”. No, he’s saying “you’re not alone in this”. He gives us a pattern.

Not only is he giving us a pattern along the path to sanctification. Sometimes as we’re going down the road as of sanctification we get conflicted and we don’t know which way to go. Because you want to do this but you don’t wanna do this. You’re going back and forth and so a lot of times on the path to sanctification we’re gonna feel a PRESSURE. On the path of sanctification the pressure of going to the world’s way versus going God’s way. So what we have to remember is this important truth that Jesus has freed us from the penalty of sin but he’s not freed us from the pressure of sin. And so we have to continually not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

So as we keep going down the journey in the path of sanctification the other thing that we’re gonna find that we should find on the path to sanctification is PROGRESS. We should be able to look down the road, months and years down the road, and notice that we truly are being set apart. There is a different fragrance, a different aroma coming off of us because there’s progress in our lives. And not only do we see it but other people see in us. The path of sanctification and sometimes maybe some people feel like that thrown off of the path of sanctification. I want to remind you of this really, really important truth. Once you are justified in that moment you are sanctified. And that is secure. You don’t get put off the path; it’s maybe that you weren’t really on the path in the first place. Only you can decide that. Only you can answer that. So are you on the path of sanctification? Are you being set apart? Are you being holy, becoming transformed into the image of God or not? What does the path of sanctification look like for you in your life?