BOLD Humility – Palm Sunday

Do you ever feel like you need more humility?  If not then maybe you need more humility.

A great example that we see on Palm Sunday is Jesus walking into Jerusalem. The triumphal entry. His last time walking into Jerusalem before he was going to be crucified. That alone is showing bold humility. But another way that he showed bold humility is that he was willing to draw near to people that maybe he didn’t really want to draw near towards. He was willing to draw near the difficult people. The people that were going to annoy him, ask difficult questions – the Pharisees. They were there trying to trick him and trap him and literally tie him down.

Who are the difficult people in your life?  You know who they are, right. The people that get under your skin. That raises a fuss over something petty, that always tries to one-up you or that you’re not good enough or they trample on you or they make you feel deflated. Whatever the thing is actually the thought of them right now is literally making your stomach turn.

Well Jesus shows us that to have bold humility requires us the spirit of unity.

To make every effort for peace and unity.  To draw near to those people instead of just avoiding them.

Who might God be prompting in your heart right now that you’re avoiding? That you’re trying to draw far from?

Where he might be saying have bold humility draw near to them and fight for the spirit?