Recycle - Can/Bottle Drive

  • Date

Sun Apr 21, 2019

  • Location
Plymouth Lyon
Recycle – Can/Bottle Drive
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Mile City will be collecting returnable cans/bottles and donating all proceeds TWO DIFFERENT organizations.

  • For our Plymouth location, donations will be made to Livonia Public Schools Food Pantry.
  • For our Lyon location, donations will be made to Active Faith.

A returnable is worth $.10 but Mile City will match each returnable to make it worth $.20. Mile City will match up to $5,000 during the recycle series.

Simple collect cans/bottles from your house, neighbors, family or friends, return them to the store and then bring the money on Sunday to Mile City and donate in the blue recycle bin.

Let’s make a difference in TWO amazing and generous organizations!

Donations will be collected now through Easter Sunday!