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B I B L E – Yes, that’s the book for me. I stand alone on the word of God, the B I B L E and all the kids shout – BIBLE! But Really. Why do we stand alone on this versus the fairy tale of Lord of the Rings? What’s the difference between that book, that story and this book?

Is this truly the inspired and inerrant word of God? Is this truly an anchor that we can stand on as a guide, a map for our lives? There’s so much evidence out there. But let me just give you five pieces of evidence that declare that this is the ultimate truth anchor.

The first one is that archaeology declares it. Archaeology declares it. There is so much that has been uncovered throughout the centuries of rulers, of battles, of specific hundreds of mentions of biblical characters that proves you could fly to right now. The spots where the Bible mentions these specific cities.

Not only does archaeology, declares it, but science declares it. A lot of times people think that science and the Bible have been at odds. But actually science plays catch up a lot to the Bible. For instance, just recently in our world there is the practice in medicine bloodletting. Which was literally sucking blood out and not thinking that blood was good for you and wasn’t the source of life. Even our first president, George Washington, on his deathbed went through the process of bloodletting. But in Leviticus chapter 17:11, God told the Israelites, and he let them in on this little medicine secret that the life of the flesh is found in the blood.

Not only does science declare it, but history declares it. There’s so many writings beyond the scriptures that backup scripture. Like the writings of Josephus or Plainti, the younger. I mean the list goes on. But let’s even talk about the historical evidence of the documentation that we have. I mean, for instance, you can take a document called the Annals of Tacitus. That was written in AD 100, but the only manuscripts that we have are two manuscripts that are 750 years from the original date. That’s a lotta years. That’s a lot of a gap. I mean think about 9-11 and what could happen from telling the story with a 750 year gap? I mean who knows, Dennis Rodman could have let the World Trade Center. I mean you never know, but with scriptures, the New Testament scriptures alone were written in the beginning of the first century and there’s only a 40 to 60 year gap. Fifty year gap. It’s unbelievable and we have 6,000 of greek manuscripts. We have 6,000 – and that’s just greek. On top of that we have another 20,000 manuscripts of Latin and Arminian. It’s unbelievable the evidence that we have.

Not only does history declare it but prophecy declares it. This book is laced with so much prophecy. There’s over 25,000 prophecies and almost two thousands of them have already been fulfilled and we’re on track to see the other five hundred of these prophecies be foretold and actually come true.

It’s unbelievable! And last but not least, Jesus declared. Jesus said that man should not live on bread alone, but by the word of God. I mean he talks specifically about the prophets and Moses, and Adam and Eve and Noah and Jonah. I mean he talked specifically about God’s word and how important it is.

And so, if the guy who predicted his own death and resurrection and then actually pulled it off. Well, you know what I’m going to go with what he said. Jesus declared and this is the anchor.

I almost forgot one more thing. Maybe this isn’t enough for you. But man I tell you what one more evidence is, I declare it. Because I have seen the transformation in my life. I’ve seen the transformation in so many other lives. And that transformation is maybe more powerful than any of the other evidence that is out there that you could dig up in archaeology. When people see the evidence of what God can dig up out of your life and transform. Look out! Be the evidence, be encouraged, be confident that you can stand alone on the word of God.