Explore – Prayer

Watch this.  Okay wait for it. Wait for it. BAM! I literally just took a selfie put it through the airwaves and landed it right here on this beautiful TV.  Like a magician. Now I don’t think some of you are like that, excited about that. Now if I would have done that 30 years ago your minds would have been blown. But now we just expect our wireless devices to just connect and do what we want them to do. We take them for granted and then if they don’t work or we don’t understand how they’re working we get frustrated. We just want to chuck them out the window.


Now in a very similar way that’s how we can view the ultimate wireless connection. And that’s the ultimate connection that we have with God through prayer. We can take it for granted and we can get frustrated with it. If you feel that way you’re not alone because Jesus’s closest friends felt that way. They actually asked him how do you work these things? What do you do with these things? So he gave a model for us to follow a guide called The Lord’s prayer. Not to be a memorized speech but a guide for us. So what does that look like for us?


The first thing it says to go to him as our father. He’s not just this far-off force but he is a close-up personal father. Then we go to him. It’s not just our father but then we say hallowed be your name. What does hallowed mean? That’s the idea of bragging on God for who he is, all he has done, all of his characteristics and attributes. Then it says the idea of your kingdom come. Your kingdom come is the idea of saying please come Jesus come soon or we want to see you show off your power in heaven here on earth. In our country, in our state and our city and our neighborhood. In our neighbors lives may your kingdom come. Then the other four words that’s one of the hardest four words to say is your will be done. That’s so hard because that’s us letting go of what we want, our way, and then trusting that his way and his will is better. 


That’s the first half but there’s a second half almost like a good sports game. Basketball, football we’re always excited to get to the second half. Because the first half it’s all about him and the second half is all about us. The second half is this idea it starts off with give us this day our daily bread. That’s bringing all of our requests, big ones and small ones to him, showing an act of worship that we trust him with every need that we have. Understanding that we might not get exactly what we want but he’ll always give us exactly what we need. Then it talks about this idea of forgiving us of our debts. It’s saying “Oh God forgive me for falling short in this area”. It’s clearing the air with God and seeking forgiveness even though we know he’s already forgiven us. We say thank you in advance for forgiving me for how I’ve fallen short and then forgiving those who have trespassed against us. That’s the hardest thing to do sometimes but it’s the most healing thing to do.  Not allowing us to be trapped into the walls of prison of unforgiveness and not keeping the one who’s wronged us. Allowing them to keep winning we don’t want them to keep winning. So we forgive and ask this question “Am I giving forgiveness the way that I’ve received forgiveness?”. Then finally lead us far from temptation and deliver us from evil. That’s the idea of praying on the offense. Understanding that we’re in a spiritual battle and there’s the enemy that wants to just devour us and take us to the ground. 


So that’s the model that Jesus has given to us. This powerful wireless connection that we have and so we need to have a place when we need to find a time to meet with him and to connect with him. To be ourselves and be real not needing to put on a show. He just wants us to be real. God doesn’t need us to impress him, he just wants us to press into him.