Explore – Week 2 – Power of a Second

You know seconds matter. Seconds count. And it’s really amazing when you think about what goes on worldwide every single second of our lives. There’s studies that show that every single second worldwide that over ten thousand Coca-Cola Classics are consumed.  And every single second four newborn beautiful babies are born into this world. 

But right now I just want to quickly tell you about the most amazing, most powerful second that’s out there that all of us need, that desperately need to experience. And that’s God’s forgiveness that happens in a second. 

In the book of Matthew there’s an amazing story where it was an eyewitness account where Matthew saw a man who was a leper approach Jesus. And this leper in Matthew chapter 8, bows down before Jesus and says “you can make me clean”. And the scripture says that Jesus reached out and he touched him and he says “be clean”. And instantly. Like, instantly in a moment. Like I imagine this transformation out of Beauty and the Beast. Right where the beast goes from a beast to a man. Instantly, all the blemishes, all the sores just fell right off of him. And what’s really interesting is that, in that culture, when you would think of the word leprosy, it wasn’t only used to describe a skin disease, it was used to describe a spiritual disease. A sin disease. 

You see, Jesus Christ has the power not only to cure a skin disease, He has the power to cure our sin disease. That all of us have, all of us have fallen short and it’s only by God’s free gift his grace. What he did on the cross and then prove that he was God and rose again three days later. It says that if we receive him and believe through faith, that he’s the only one that can take care of our sin disease. That he’ll do it and he’ll do it instantly. The currency of God’s forgiveness, please hear me if you’ve never heard this before this is so important, the currency of his forgiveness doesn’t work by years or months or weeks, not even days. God’s forgiveness doesn’t work by the hour. It only works by the second. 

Have you allowed the amazing forgiveness of God, that second, to infect and invade your life? What are you waiting for? We’re not guaranteed another single second on this Earth. But, through his power of his forgiveness, we are guaranteed that when we go to him and believe that he can make us clean, we’re guaranteed in a single second he will forgive us. In a single second.