Reopening Safety Plan

covid-19 reopening safety plan

We are excited to have our building open for in-person gatherings at our Plymouth location  We know for some of you, this news excites you.  For others, this may bring caution.  We understand that and continue to ask all of our Mile City family to have a judgement-free zone.  If you don’t feel comfortable or are at high risk, we will continue our online services and watch party gatherings in homes across the Mile City.  

For our Lyon location, we are in constant communication with the school district to see when they will allow us to resume in-person gatherings, while also keeping an eye out for other location opportunities in case the school doesn’t work out.  Until then, we encourage you to come to our Plymouth location or attend/host a watch party in the Lyon community. 

As both Mile City and Kids City reopened in August, you’ll notice many changes to our Plymouth location and procedures that will help us be responsible and safe:

There will be a set of 4 screening questions to answer while at the main entrance:
1. Have you had any signs or symptoms of a fever in the past 24 hours, such as chills, sweats, felt “feverish”, or had a temperature that is elevated for you/100.4F or greater?
2. Do you have any of the following symptoms? 
Cough ◦ Shortness of breath or chest tightness
3. Do you have any two of the following symptoms?
Sore throat ◦ Myalgia (body aches) ◦ Loss of taste and/or smell ◦ Nausea ◦ Diarrhea (bad Taco Bell doesn’t count) ◦ Vomiting (bad Taco Bell still doesn’t count) ◦ Muscle Pain ◦ Headache
4. In the past 14 days, have you had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19?

In accordance with the state of Michigan, masks are required in a public building. Since we rent our warehouse space and the Burroughs is a public building, masks will be required for adults and kids ages 5 and up.  So bring your “Sunday best” mask!  We will also have Mile City masks available for purchase, and if you serve on the Crew, don’t worry… we have you covered!  If you do happen to forget your mask, we will have disposable ones available.

Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned all throughout the building.  Also, before entering the auditorium and Kids City, a Crew Member will be stationed and ready to dispense hand sanitizer to each person.

We know many of you have your favorite seat.  However, in this season, ushers will be seating each family across the auditorium to ensure safe distancing.  At the end of service, you will be dismissed by section to prevent crowding at the exits. This will also help conversations to be spread throughout the building.

We encourage you to be mindful of those around you by keeping a safe distance.  The CDC says 6 feet, but we’re upping it to 7 feet.  Why?  Because we love the 7 and we’re always going Extra!  (By the way, do you remember all 7 Mile Markers?)  

Pay attention to flooring markers that will help direct the flow of foot traffic around the building.

We know many of you will be excited to see each other in person and you may want to hug or shake hands.  With our desire to be a part of the solution, let’s keep this a Fist Bump Zone only.

We’ve always taken cleanliness seriously, but we will be revving it up with our reopening.  We’ll be cleaning bathrooms, wiping down surfaces in Kids City, and other high-touch areas before and after each service.

We are aiming to create a touch-free experience across Mile City, including offering, Connect Cards, communion, and Kids City check-in.

Thank you for your grace as we know this situation has created a lot of tension.  We will do our best each week to evaluate our procedures in order to maintain excellence and safety in our experiences for all who attend.  

We look forward to continuing to watch how God will move in our homes, watch parties, and in-person gatherings

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